hopkins IL

Hopkins Elementary of the Victoria ISD swept the district’s Imagine Learning contests for the month of September.

There are currently three Imagine Learning contests the district participates in, Imagine Language and Literacy (Highest Usage), Imagine Math K-2 (Most Tokens) and Imagine Math 3-5 (Most Think Points). Hopkins won all three contests.

Descriptions of each contest are below.

Imagine Language & Literacy delivers explicit, targeted instruction to students in pre-K through fifth grade through personalized learning paths that continually adapt based on performance. Students complete an initial placement test and then complete predictive and evaluative checkpoints. This ensures students are working in their zone of proximal development. Strategic help and support further personalize the learning experience for all students to be successful in the program. Hopkins tracks time in the program through a usage report, with a goal for every student to be in the program for 60 minutes each week.

Imagine Math K-2 activities are organized into lessons, approximately 15 to 25 minutes each. There are approximately 100 lessons per grade level that students complete lessons in order. At the end of each lesson, students earn one completion token. Students also earn tokens for every activity where their accuracy was above fifty percent. If the student did not earn all possible tokens, they are asked if they want to earn the missing tokens in the Targeted Review. Students can try to earn these missing tokens again in Treasure Island. 

Imagine Math 3-5 lessons are designed to be instructional learning experiences that engage students in meaningful exploration of understanding mathematics. Students complete a lesson cycle including pre-quiz, warm-up, guided learning, problem-solving process, practice, and post quiz. As students work through the lesson cycle, they earn think points. Think points are awarded for completing lessons, and additional think points are awarded for performing well on the lesson. Students can use their think points to design their avatar, donate to classroom goals, or donate to charity. 

“We are extremely proud of the effort from both Hopkins students and staff in accomplishing this recognition for the work we are doing in personalized learning, '' said Leandra Hill, Hopkins Elementary Principal. “Stay tuned for more great things happening at Hopkins!”