About Us

Grade Levels: Pre-K – 5th Grade

Enrollment: 375 students

Mission: Our mission at Hopkins Elementary is to provide a rigorous, relevant curriculum that will lead to positive, confident and productive learners.

School Motto: Where students believe to achieve and shine forever

Logo: Star

School Colors: Maroon, Yellow

School History

Hopkins Elementary School first opened its doors in September of 1953.  The school was named after Dr. Joseph V. Hopkins, a well-loved and humanitarian physician of Victoria.  In recognition of this great honor, Dr. Hopkins donated the flagpole and a Texas Flag to the school in December of 1953.

Since that early time, Hopkins has continued to grow in size. In 1955, eight more classrooms were added to the original 16. In 1990, eight more classrooms were again added to accommodate the school’s needs. The most recent addition made in 1992 of eight more classrooms brings the total to 42.

In 1986, Hopkins applied and became recognized as a Magnet School to serve the needs of the latch-key children of our community. The personnel at Hopkins continue to strive to be ever mindful of the needs of others as is the living example set by Dr. Hopkins.

Principals (current to past):

  • Leandra Hill, Current

  • Sulema Salinas

  • Debra Williams

  • Debbie Crick

  • Rodolfo Torres