Support Staff

Rebecca Dunavant- GT Teacher

ISeeing these students grow and accomplish their goals is the best feeling, and I am so lucky to be able to work with them. They truly are Hopkins’ Superstars!


I am at Hopkins on Mondays and Tuesdays, and my conference time is from 1:00 – 1:45. For questions about referrals or anything regarding our GT services, please feel free to reach me at . Thank you!

Maricruz Garcia-Art Teacher

Maricruz Garcia

Terri Flores- Mentor Connect


I am Teri Flores the HOSTS/Mentor Connect Assistant here at Hopkins. I've been with the Mentor Program for 14 years but a total of 35 years with VISD.

Felicia Sledge- Mentor Connect


I am Mrs. Sledge. I am the teacher in HOSTS also known as Mentor Connect. This is my 34th year with the district. I have been the HOSTS teacher for 13 years.  HOSTS stands for Helping One Student To Succeed. To accomplish that goal, we connect our students with members from different companies in Victoria. I enjoy bringing community members and students together through the power of education. Our mentors partner with our students to help them become better readers.  My favorite thing is to see students reading to learn as they develop a love for learning to read. Anyone interested in helping our students please contact me at 788-9915. 

Katie Kelly- Dyslexia

Katie Kelly

Marla Quintana-Three Hour Intervention Teacher

Marla Quintana

Josephine Harris-Three Hour Intervention Teacher

Josephine Harris

Vicky Youngblood

Vicky Youngblood